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Heating in Berkeley

Winter Heating Safety Tips

The winter season is here which means nights are going to be colder. Whether you are heating your home with a furnace, wood burning stove, space heater or any other heating element always ensure the safety of you and those around you.

Here are some tips for staying warm at night without endangering yourself and the lives of others:

  • When heating with wood elements make sure that the wood is fully dry
  • Do not burn trash, paper or green wood
  • Ensure that anything that is combustible is at least 3 feet away from the heating element
  • Ensure that any heat producing source is properly inspected and updated as needed
  • Make sure to check for damage or obstruction to the pipes in your woodstove or wood heating element

To ensure that your furnace and heating elements are working properly call the heating experts at Harry Clark Plumbing and Heating Inc. We service Berkeley, Oakland, CA & surrounding areas!