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Plumbing Repair and Service in Oakland & Berkeley, CA

From water heater installation to leaks and repairs, Harry Clark's plumbing services are unparalleled.


Let's face it - no one wakes up in the morning hoping they will need to call for plumbing service that day. Plumbing problems are not only an inconvenience, but certain issues can be very damaging to your home or office building.

Harry Clark is here to take the pain out of your plumbing needs. We provide prompt and courteous residential and commercial plumbing services to the Oakland and Berkeley, CA area and beyond. Our technicians are experienced and ready to handle any situation that arises, and we only use quality products like domestic made pipe and fittings.

From plumbing repairs and new construction to bathroom and kitchen plumbing, we are ready to satisfy all your plumbing requirements! Below is a general list of our areas of expertise:

Ready for Any Plumbing Project 

For this home to the left, we installed an all new copper water system, cast iron copper, brass waste, and vent system along with a steel gas line system. With eight bathrooms, Harry Clark was their best choice for a tough plumbing job. We were up to the task, and completed a job well done.

It doesn't matter if you need a small leak figured out or plumbing installed for a new home - Harry Clark is your best choice in Oakland, CA; Berkeley, CA; and the greater East Bay area. Contact us today to learn more about our plumbing repair services.

Plumbing Repair Oakland

Plumbing Repair Berkeley

Toto Toilets Toto® Toilets

Low flow toilets save water, energy and the environment. In the late 90's 1.6 gallon-per-flush (GPF) legislation began passing in different states. Many manufacturers simply reduced the size of their tanks, resulting in poor performance & multiple flushes.

TOTO had already optimized their toilets, designing and developing low-volume flushing systems for decades. In fact, their rigorous flushing tests are more extensive than current industry standards which ensures outstanding one-flush performance and true water savings.

Toto Toilets

Takaga Tankless Systems Takagi® Tankless Water Systems

Since there is no tank to fill, there is no end to your supply of hot water. Depending on the model, Takagi Tankless water heaters deliver between 200 gallons and 500 gallons of hot water every hour on demand. Tankless systems guarantee that an endless supply of water is available to residences, commercial spaces or anywhere a constant source of hot water is needed.

Takagi Tankless Water Systems

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